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The story of a buddy band who want you to feel good about yourself.

Peerus is the story of a bunch of friends, a human adventure of almost 10 years now. The chance of life made us meet, the three of us had something in common, the desire to transform our passion for fashion into a unique entrepreneurial adventure. We launched Peerus on October 20, 2019. Peerus, “peer us” or “look at us!” because our mission is to allow as many men or young men as possible, to learn to walk with their heads held high and be proud of who they are, as we ourselves have learned to love ourselves over the years and our experiences….

This is the story of our lives.

Indeed, they did not always lead the three young men that we were 10 years earlier, this feeling of not being beautiful enough, big enough, intelligent enough, of ageing badly, of not being up to the task, while the social mask we were forced to wear was delusional.

One cannot explain the story of a life in a few paragraphs, much less the story of 3 lives.

So let’s get to the basics. For years we were not satisfied with ourselves. Between professional disillusionment and sentimental, sometimes our self-esteem could be at its lowest. For years, we questioned ourselves and worked on ourselves, we undertook, failed, again and again, and then undertook more beautiful. We have travelled and enriched ourselves with several hundred meetings, probably thousands. Day after day, as we went through all these experiences, we gained self-esteem, we felt better and better on a daily basis, more confident, more competent, happier.


The work we had done on our appearance, to improve our style of dress, in other words, the way we presented ourselves to the world, had a central role in our evolution. We think it can be the same for you. That is what we want to offer you.

No one should make you feel inferior.

Peerus is not an online men’s fashion boutique like any other. We are not founders like the others. We are a small company that is starting and wants to become massive. Not for money or fame, all three of us have already set up enough lucrative business that allow us to live well today. But because we feel we have a mission: to contribute to our level so that as many men and young men as possible can look in the mirror and say with conviction and frankness: “no one can make you feel inferior”

Friendly. Ludovic.


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